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Deprivation, educational attainment and resilience in Doncaster

Deprivation, educational attainment and resilience in Doncaster
Supervisors: Alasdair Rae (Department of Town and Regional Planning) and Brendan Stone (School of English)
The aim of this project is to understand the links between spatial patterns of deprivation, educational attainment and outcomes, skills development and local economic resilience, and to suggest policy responses which help build economic resilience in local communities. This project will combine several inter-related strands of research in neighbourhood deprivation, mapping, spatial analysis, skills and education and is inter-disciplinary in nature. It is based on the ongoing research projects of the academic supervisors and draws upon their extensive expertise in these areas. The situation in Doncaster is indicative of the challenges of economic development and resilience that many economically-restructuring medium sized settlements currently face. The motivation is, then, a recognition that quantitative indicators can help identify the problem but they cannot provide a solution. An interdisciplinary, mixed-methods approach is therefore proposed. With the situation in Doncaster being to a greater or lesser degree replicated throughout the United Kingdom and across the world, the generalisability and relevance of this project is high.
This project is part of the Building Economies And Resilient Societies (BEARS) Network
BEARS is an exciting new multi-disciplinary postgraduate research network of four linked PhD studentships will each seek to tackle pressing social and economic problems by drawing on fresh disciplinary perspectives. For more information on the network, click here.