Storying Sheffield

游子 : The You Zi Project Exhibition: 19th/20th July

The You zi Project uses digital storytelling to explore the lives of the Chinese student community in Sheffield.


An exhibition of the project’s work will take place in the Jessop West Exhibition Space on Hanover Street, opening on Thursday 19 July at 3pm. [Location map.] At this event the project participants and organisers will give a presentation, question and answer session and screenings of the short films. Participants’ own photography will be displayed at the exhibition too, documenting everything from graduation photos to flights from Beijing to the UK. Attendees will then have an opportunity to browse the exhibition at their leisure until 7pm. The exhibition will also be open on the following day (Friday 20 July), from 9am-5pm.


The You zi project has involved Storying Sheffield’s David Forrest and photographer Gemma Thorpe working with Chinese students who have been sharing their stories of everyday life in the city, both as students of the University and as Sheffield citizens. The stories take the form of a series of photographs, audio fragments and short films, offering a new way of understanding and sharing the experiences of this vibrant community.


Youzi translates as ‘wanderer’. The inspiration behind the name came from a poem, Youzi Yin, (Song of the Wanderer) written in the Tang Dynasty by Meng Jiao. This well known poem has a deep meaning for Chinese people living abroad, speaking of the bond between a mother and her son who leaves home.