Storying Sheffield

Subverse Brittania: January 2013

Subverse Brittania‘ is a short series of film screenings with accompanying talks at the Showroom Cinema on Sundays throughout January. The series explores the shared ground between social realism and fantasy in British films 1959–1965; it has been curated by David Forrest and Matt Cheeseman of the University of Sheffield.

“…What is the shared ground between social realism and fantasy in British films 1959–1965? These features and documentaries comment on family/class/national fragmentation against the exciting and tempting ambivalence of new freedoms. Together they hint at a Britain experiencing anxiety over social change, corruption, pleasure and Americanisation (not to mention alien invasion)…”
This Sporting Life (15):
Lindsay Anderson takes a straightforward story about a washed up rugby league player and weaves it into a masterpiece of existential angst.
• Sun 13 Jan
• 14.00
The Damned (12):
This film has it all: cold war, government conspiracy, an underground facility, radioactivity, creepy kids, modern art, leather boys, pointy bras and Oliver Reed.
• Sun 20 Jan
• 14.00
We Are the Lambeth Boys + Primitive London (15):
We Are the Lambeth Boys is a ground-breaking film essay which deftly documents the leisure activities of working class South London teenagers caught between childhood and adulthood. Primitive London takes a scattershot approach at charting some of the seamier nooks and crannies of our capital city and in true ‘mondo’ style, you can never be sure what’s cinema, what’s vérité and what’s just completely made up, It’s a hell of a ride, and not always for the squeamish.
• Sun 27 Jan
• 14.00
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