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Ida Barr – Perform at Festival of the Mind!

BE PART OF: Ida Barr’s Mash Up show at the Festival of the Mind, Sheffield.
We are looking for elders, young people, community groups, and community social/music/choir/dance groups to join an exciting intergenerational choir project that will perform at the Festival of The Mind in Sheffield on Sunday 21st September 2014. Its FREE and no experience is necessary.
Ida Barr is the hilarious old time Music Hall turned Rap Superstar alter-ego of award-winning artist Christopher Green. She will lead a crowd of people of all ages in a giant choir performance called Ida Barr’s Mash Up – where classic old time music hall songs are mixed with contemporary pop songs, in a joyful style of music that Ida calls ‘Artificial Hip Hop’!
The Mash Up is produced by arts organisation Home Live Art and has been running with great success for the past 3 years playing venues such as the Barbican and the National Theatre as well as many festivals.

Ida is a character who facilitates communication across a range of backgrounds and experience. Musically she is pitched somewhere between Lady GaGa and Lord HawHaw.
From getting children with profound learning difficulties to sing, to doing the dance hall bump and grind with Caribbean octogenarians she is never phased. The project aims to: develop understanding between the generations and groups from different cultural backgrounds, build respect through sharing knowledge & learning, creating a sense of fun and joy whilst breaking down barriers of fear and ignorance between young & old and people from different cultural backgrounds.
Get in contact with Brendan Stone: / 0114 222 8495
Participants will attend one or more workshops with Ida in the week before the performance, and there will be a whole group rehearsal on the morning of the event. There will be shows at 2pm and 5pm on Sunday 21st September.
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