Storying Sheffield

Facilitators: Narrative Masterclass


Kay Aitch is an artist who specialises in ‘creative observational drawing’ (recording events and people in ‘real-time’). She is experienced in leading creative and narrative workshops with marginalised individuals, and has worked extensively with people with mental health problems, including regularly running creativity events for the the NHS in Sheffield as part of the Recovery Education Programme. She also works regularly with local social enterprises SYARTS and Recovery Enterprises.


Chrissy Bonham has played a key role in developing the eight week Recovery Education Programme for Community Recovery Services at Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Trust. This is a short term intervention which supports people who are grappling with mental health issues.  Chrissy is currently studying for an English Literature degree. After struggling with a mental health condition for fifteen years which eventually led to a breakdown, Chrissy began experimenting with re-storying and changing the narrative she had become accustomed to. This was hugely successful for her and she found the new narrative she created for herself was a great enabler to help her begin to move towards recovery.


Helen Crimlisk is Consultant in Adult Psychiatry working in a community mental health team in the South East of Sheffield. She also works with the University of Sheffield Medial School as Director of Undergraduate Psychiatry to ensure that medical undergraduates (student doctors) have a good understanding of the mental health needs of all their patients, whether or not they are under mental health services.


Rachel Warner is a Consultant Psychiatrist in a community mental health team in Sheffield, and the interim Medical Director for Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust. The Trust provides services for adults with mental health difficulties, substance misuse problems, learning disabilities and some primary care and community based services. Rachel is responsible for ensuring people receiving services experience care as positive, effective and safe. She has worked with staff and users of services on a number of projects which support collaboration, co-production and recovery.

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Brendan Stone is Professor of Social Engagement and the Humanities at The University of Sheffield and the founder and co-director of the Storying Sheffield project. Brendan has expertise in using narrative methodologies to understand complex human and social issues, and he has worked extensively with socially excluded individuals and groups. He has a special interest in mental health, and has himself lived with mental health problems for over 40 years. Brendan is co-founder and co-lead of the Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network, and a member of Medical Humanities Sheffield. He is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Mental Health, and a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Tim Kendall is Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He was Chair of the first NICE Guideline – Schizophrenia in Primary and Secondary Care, and Chair of the first National Quality Standard (Dementia). Tim is also a Visiting Professor at University College London, and a Consultant Psychiatrist.