Storying Sheffield

Five upcoming events

In the next few weeks Storying Sheffield will be involved in a number of events.
Culture Club Showcase
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 19:45
Free, booking required. Barker’s Pool, The Spiegeltent
The fifth Sheffield Culture Club Showcase marks the launch of the University’s Festival of the Mind. Even more impressive is that it will be held in a Spiegeltent which will be located in Barker’s Pool during the festival. [More information]
In the Tracks of Memory, Festival of the Mind
Saturday 29 September: 3-4pm
Free. Barker’s Pool, The Spiegeltent
In The Tracks of Memory is a film and soundscape exploring the history of Sheffield, memory and identity. It’s a collaboration between composers Klive and Nigel Humberstone (In The Nursery), academics Brendan Stone and David Forrest (Storying Sheffield) and filmmaker Alex Keegan. [More information]
Researchers’ Night, 28 September 2012
Free, Jessop West
1. Exhibition: The Big Story: Narrative, Community and Place [6pm – 8.30pm]
The Big Story of Abbeydale and Sharrow is made up of lots of smaller stories, of individuals, of organisations and businesses. From September, Sheffield students will work with communities to collect and analyse these stories, recognising their value and using them to research social cohesion and well being. [more information]
2. Talk: Your story, your mental health: The roles of narrative in wellbeing, resilience, and identity. [6.45pm – 7.15pm]
Brendan Stone will speak about the Storying Sheffield project and his other work in mental health contexts. His presentation will outline why an understanding of the power and role of narratives is crucial to supporting people with complex mental health needs. [More information]
3. Talk: Writing coma and brain injury: Fact, fiction and fact-tion [7.30pm – 8pm]
Matt Colbeck researches the representation of coma in literature. He has established a writing group in which all participants have experienced coma or brain injury. Their first publication, Headlines, was released last October. Matt will discuss issues regarding misleading representations of coma, whilst looking at examples of first person writing. [More information]
Take care of yourself & feel good
Thursday 11th October 6pm.
Free, booking required. Jessop West.
The Peace Foundation Network invite you to a special free open event at the University of Sheffield to learn new ways of relaxing your body and mind, meet new people and discover the power of laughter. [More information]
Debate Dyslexia
Tues 23rd Oct 7pm
Free. Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James Street, S1
Part of Sheffield’s Off The Shelf Festival of Words, this event will explore some key issues affecting the understanding of dyslexia. [More information]
Arts and Wellbeing Conference
Friday 2nd November 2012, 8.30-4.
Tony Currie Conference Suite, Bramall Lane.
Day pass: £25, includes lunch, refreshments and all workshops.
This event will launch the new Sheffield Arts & Wellbeing Network. Anyone with an interest in the connections between arts and wellbeing is welcome to attend the event, and to join the network. Joining the network is free; there is a small charge for the conference to cover costs. Some free places are available for service-users.
It will include keynote speeches from Dan Jarvis MBE, Shadow Minister for Arts & Culture, Alex Coulter, Chair of the National Alliance for Arts & Wellbeing; there will also be workshops, live art, an exhibition, networking sessions, and much more. [More information]