Storying Sheffield



Before Lockdown

I’ve been hearing more and more about the virus by the day, rumours are going about and people are saying school might get closed, while I wouldn’t mind a holiday I’m not sure about what could happen to my A-levels, I’ve sent off all my UCAS info recently so I hope this wont affect my offers.

I really cant wait for Uni, things have felt so stagnant here. I mean I’ve been in the same school for like 6 years now I need a change, meet some new people and just move on with life. Although I might not have much time for a life doing a chemistry degree.

Pre-Uni Lockdown


Ugh so it looks like A-levels are just flat out cancelled?! I’d be enjoying the break if it weren’t for the uncertainty about next year, all we have been told is that they are using our predicted grades, thankfully I did pretty good on my mocks but some of my mates bombed them and are at a loss…


Well I would’ve done my A-Levels by now but instead have been sitting on the PlayStation, gyms are closed too, things are getting boring now and I really want Uni to start already, still awaiting confirmation on my offers, fingers crossed things go to plan and Sheffield accepts me. I have been contemplating taking this year out as this lockdown doesn’t look to be ending any time soon, I doubt anyone will be getting the ‘freshers’ experience this year.

After results

I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with uni this year, I’m too scared of taking a year out then just never going back, not that id be able to find a decent job or travel anywhere this year. I was accepted into Sheffield for chemistry and am starting in late September. I just hope my flatmates in halls are a good bunch since ill be spending alot of time with them.

Start of Uni


I’ve been at Uni for three weeks now, I joined a few societies but nothing has happened at all apart from a few online socials which were more awkward than anything. My labs have been the only interesting thing I’ve done so far but I still have hardly met anyone on my course since everything is socially distanced. Apparently sports societies are still doing things in person but I doubt that will go on for long from what’s been on the news so I haven’t joined any yet. The one saving grace of all this is at least my flatmates are nice.

Nov – new lockdown

Well we are in lockdown… again, no face to face apart from labs, online lectures are getting more difficult to get through especially since we basically don’t have a solid timetable to organise things. I still haven’t really met any other chemists apart from my tutorial group which is really disappointing. Gyms closed now too so I feel like I’m letting myself go both physically and mentally.

I hate how Uni was advertised as ‘the time of your life’ even despite the pandemic, its not happening, and it really doesn’t feel like its worth the debt anymore. Frankly I’m starting to regret not taking the year out.