Storying Sheffield

Inspiration for Life – 24 hour Inspire

24 hours of lectures and entertainments in honour and celebration of Tim Richardson
5pm-5pm Thursday 28 February-Friday 1 March 2013
Location: Hicks Building, University of Sheffield, Lecture Theatre 1
In honour and celebration of colleague Tim Richardson, Inspiration for Life presents The 24 Hour Inspire – 24 hours of lectures and other entertainments, starting at 5.00 pm on 28 February, and going through the night to 5.00 pm on 1 March. All events are taking place in the Hicks Building, in Lecture Theatre 1. The lectures will be on a wide range of subjects from some our most eminent and world leading academics such as our Vice-Chancellor Sir Keith Burnett, PVC Richard Jones, PVC Tony Ryan OBE, PVC Mike Braddick and Professor Toulmin; as well as hearing from astrophysicists, historians, lawyers, chemists, engineers and more, talking about music, magic, asteroids, human rights, poetry, infinity, and beyond…
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Tickets are on the door, minimum #1 per lecture or #5 for the full programme. Refreshments will be on sale throughout the event. Inspiration for Life raises funds for local cancer charities, and proceeds from this event will go to support two in particular, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and Rotherham Hospice.
The programme of events runs for 24 solid hours from 5pm Thursday to 5pm Friday – and right through the night. Here are some highlights
17:00-18:00 – 28 February
Is Science Magic? – Professor Richard Jones, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research & Innovation and
Professor Tony Ryan, OBE, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science
19.30-20.00 – 28 February
Though We Fail, Our Truths Prosper – Professor Mike Braddick, Professor of History, Pro Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
23.30-00.30 – 28 February
Taking up the Ghost – Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of National Fairground Archive, and Head of Cultural Engagement
09.00-09.30 – 1 March
We are all living in a Bose-Einstein Condensate… made of Higgs Bosons – Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor
12.30-13.00 – 1 March
The Human Body: an Anatomist’s view – Professor Alistair Warren, Professor of Biomedical Science, Director of Learning & Teaching, Faculty of Science
16.00-17.00 – 1 March
Catalytic clothing – Professor Tony Ryan OBE & Professor Helen Storey MBE

And also at 21.30-22.00 – 28th Feb
This is not a Lecture. Stories of Wellbeing – Brendan Stone of Storying Sheffield