Storying Sheffield

Material Stories: ‘Discovery’


When I met you the first time
I was like a baby who finds her mum’s breast
you smiled at me, and I thought I found a jewel
you said that ‘you a piece of my soul, that’s missing’
There I thought you are my diamond
I took you and I put you in my chests pocket
soon you convinced me I let you choose apples for me
and all the time you chose me green apples
If I wanted to stand with another colouring flower in the sun
you threw me into the house,
tried hard to convince me that skin colour matters
and now I stay in the empty white room
but you know why? I was happy that it is just you and me.

I catch you in my hand I take you out of my pocket
With shyness I open my hand to look at you better
You are crumbs of stained glass!

by Mihaela

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