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Vulnerability, trauma and the medicalisation of human experience. Prof. Sir Simon Wessely: 3/11/16


Vulnerability, trauma and the medicalisation of human experience – are we doing more harm than good? 

The University of Sheffield Counselling Service Annual Lecture event
6:30pm – 8:00pm, Thursday 03 November 2016.

With guest speaker Prof. Sir Simon Wessely (President of Royal College of Psychiatrists).
And a panel discussion featuring Prof. Kathryn Ecclestone (School of Education, UoS), Dr Ken McLaughlin (Research Institute for Health & Social Change, MMU), and Anna Mullaney (University of Sheffield Student Union Welfare Officer).
Chaired/curated by Prof. Brendan Stone (School of English)

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There is much debate about the increase in diagnostic categories of mental health conditions. Is this helpful? Are we over medicalising everyday experiences? How are these contentious issues surrounding mental health being addressed in the Higher Education sector? Does HE offer a recovery model or are we in danger of fostering dependency?

The student movement are requesting trigger warnings on what is considered activating material and the facility of safe spaces for vulnerable students if this happens. Is this helpful and what might the benefits be to educational institutions offering students this provision?

This year’s annual lecture will take the form of an open debate, with each panel member speaking from their own discipline and offering a brief summary of their thoughts and opinions. This will open out into a debate amongst panel members and include questions and comments from the wider audience.

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