Storying Sheffield

Civic & Social Engagement


An important part of the University of Sheffield’s mission and strategy is rooted in its founding principles, in which civic responsibility and engagement were and are a central component. The Storying Sheffield course and wider project is contributing to the ‘civic university’ by building partnerships and projects with a wide range of the city’s and the region’s communities, organisations and institutions. This page will detail some of that work, and its benefits – both to the city and to the University.


See event pages for Sheffield Together: Celebrating Communities and for students’ involvement in this. For images from this event, see here.

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Storying Sheffield and related projects frequently provide students with opportunities to gain experience working on a variety of real-world projects as part of their degrees, and to build their portfolios. Many students who have taken the course have used their experiences in applying for (and often gaining) places on prestigious graduate training schemes and employment in competitive fields. In addition, the experience of the course has often helped students decide on a possible future career direction. Participation offers students opportunities to acquire expertise and skills in addition to traditional academic competencies. Thus, students frequently work in partnership with public- and third-sector organisations, and lead PR and media-related tasks, manage complex projects, stage public events, and learn to use digital media and software.