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Sheffield’s Shakespeare: A Community-based Reading Group

Art work by Kay Aitch
Sheffield’s Shakespeare: A Community-based Reading Group for 2014
Sheffield’s Shakespeare is an inclusive reading and discussion group open to anyone and everyone.
Sheffield’s Shakespeare aims to enable a diverse group of Sheffield citizens to take part once a week in the group reading of Shakespeare’s plays.
The group will be convened by Tony Prince, a postgraduate researcher studying Shakespeare at the University of Sheffield, but it will develop its own approach and identity, and make its own decisions on a collective basis.
The sessions will take place in an accessible and comfortable town centre location.

….You may want to take part because you have some time to spare, are interested in Shakespeare’s plays and want to enjoy a fun social experience in a relaxed, informal group.
….You may have had some experience reading Shakespeare or other literature in a group, or of being involved in performance, and want to bring your skills and expertise to the group.
….You may want to be involved in sharing Shakespeare as a therapeutic activity that gives you confidence, insight and a positive experience.
….You may be keen to find out more about Shakespeare, to share your own knowledge of the writer, the plays and his era with others, and to find out more about this enigmatic writer who has reached so many people across the world, and continues to do so today.
The group will be inclusive, and celebrate the diversity of people interested in Shakespeare in Sheffield. It will be supportive and accessible, and cater for particular individual needs, as far as possible.
Scripts of plays will be provided. You can join the group to listen rather than to read out loud, if you prefer.
For further information contact Tony Prince at or phone/text this number: 07796118637.

• For leisure
• For pleasure
• For discovery
• For recovery

Sheffield’s Shakespeare