Storying Sheffield

Shirin Teifouri

Dr Shirin Teifouri taught undergraduate courses in English literature in Iran before coming to the UK to complete her PhD in English literature at the University of Sheffield. Shirin’s own personal and academic engagement with the subverting function of literature and critical theories has been a significant factor in shaping her research, teaching, public engagement projects, and creative writing (poetry). Following the completion of her PhD, she was awarded two honorary research fellowships at the University of Sheffield and Birkbeck University of London. Shirin’s research has explored pedagogical engagement with the function of literature, specifically poetry, linked to cross-cultural narratives of exile, displacement, ‘statelessness’, and mental health.
Shirin is also a trustee for Sheffield Flourish (Recovery Enterprises)–an award-winning mental health initiative that works in partnership with the NHS, voluntary sector organisations and the University of Sheffield.

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