Storying Sheffield

‘Did you know Sheffield is known as the city of sanctuary…’

‘Recently we had a single mother from Uganda coming to the food banks with her six children under the age of ten – it was very emotional to listen to her story. At the moment she is living with all of her children in a one bedroom bedsit… I mean where is the justice in that? People come to this country to escape the horrors of their own, not to face more… Another case that sticks with me is a guy in recovery from a life of alcohol and drug abuse. We followed him from the very start of his journey when he first walked through our doors. At first, it was just immediate help with food and shelter but then he became involved with our housing project and it became much more. He became more interested in helping out with the church and his motivation lead to training for a career. Eventually he found a great PT job, commuting to South Yorkshire for 6 months which in turn lead to other building related jobs. I’ve seen individuals previously involved in the sex trade; women who have been forced to work on the streets for money, then getting their children back after years of separation. Stories like this bring a lot to the party… It’s a privilege to be involved.’

Sophie Harrison

Gradients. Glimpses of Sheffield