Storying Sheffield

It challenges me

Storying Sheffield is potentially the best learning I have EVER done. We are working with residents from Sheffield who have not been to university and may not have had the chance to go. Students are working with these residents to produce stories, artefacts, pieces of art, film, recordings and so much more. This course is like no other in the country that I have heard of. There is so much beauty in it. 2 groups of people that would never meet have joined to make this fantastic team. University students have approached this course with such sensitivity and maturity. These people that we are working with are fascinating and have opened the students’ eyes wide. It has so much personality. And the beauty lies within the way we are working together, the home made feel of what we are producing, the love, care, and time that have gone into everything. What I have personally gained from it is so valuable. I am allowed to think creatively and without limitations. I am not judged for the strange way my brain works but instead encouraged. I have learnt so much about the way I work individually and with others. I have never enjoyed learning this much. It challenges me. I have also met the most interesting tutor I have ever come into contact with in all my years of education. A tutor that has the power to hold my attention and make me feel supported.