Storying Sheffield

Paul & Matt: A short film about mental health





Institute Dentamental!: This clever and surreal narrative film was made by Matt and Paul.  Music is by the Abstract Film Orchestra, and Angus Kemp of Angry Pig, and is used with permission. It was partly filmed at SPACES North Day Services, and with participation from staff and users.




“I intended to create a film that deals with prejudiced views of mental health problems in a humorous and thought provoking way. I wanted to make people laugh with the film and maybe think about their own prejudiced views on those with mental health problems. These are only really problems when faced with people’s negative views and attitudes to mental health. Until you go to a day centre that helps those of us with mental health you don’t realise that the vast majority of people there are not trouser wetting, strange, or dangerous individuals, they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. I hope the film encourages people to think about these centres and what they think of when they consider mental health issues.”
Images from Paul’s Storyboard (click on the images to enlarge):