Storying Sheffield

Salomée’s Sheffield experience

Salomée Ornetti is a university student from France who is currently studying in Sheffield on the Erasmus scheme. She is also a talented photographer, and here she shares images and words about her experience of Sheffield and the UK.

Before I came to live in the UK I had been to London few times, and I had this vision of the country: the red buses, the monarchy, Piccadilly Circus by night, The Beatles… But now it’s different. Now I live in Sheffield, and I have discovered many landscapes and the mentality of Northern people: eccentric and so open-minded. It differs from France, where people in the street are mainly judgemental by their looks towards other people. They are focused on appearances, especially where I live in the South East, and it can be really oppressive. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to live in England, I have wanted this since I was a child. Moreover, in England, when you study a language, it is compulsory to go abroad, to learn properly. In France, it isn’t. For me, everyone should have that chance because it is the best experience of my life. I can share ideas with people from all around the world; I learn about new ways of life, people with other cultures and traditions, and I think it is the best way a human being can grow and open his mind. Thanks to the Erasmus exchange, I am a different person, and I’m becoming the person I have always wanted to be.


Peak District


Botanic Gardens


Western Bank
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Photos and text © Salomée Ornetti.