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The Future of Distress: Education and Narratives of Discovery

In March 2017, Brendan Stone spoke at a TedX event at the University of Leeds about the future of higher education, and how we might draw on critical thinking about pedagogy to inform support for people living with mental distress/illness.

The theme of the event was ‘ The Edge of Tomorrow’ and was described as follows:

“The edge is defined as the outer limit of an object or concept. Education today has fewer limits than ever before and the education system is on the cusp of transformational change. Technological advancements coupled with greater accessibility and inclusion has revolutionised the educational structure, making it border and boundary-less. ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’ explores the fascinating implications of movements in society towards technological advancements, widening participation and creative enrichment that’s transforming education as we know it.”

You can watch all the speakers from the event at this page.