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Turn a Leaf: new Sheffield mental health support group

Turn a Leaf is a newly formed mental health support group in Sheffield which started on 3 April 2014 and was developed by Tammy Raines. Tammy developed the group after attending SPACES (Adult Mental Health Day Services) in Sheffield and realizing that on-going support was essential to people’s wellbeing and recovery.
After 12 weeks of attending SPACES, the only on-going support service-users receive is through the referred system via the NHS. Turn a Leaf will give people ongoing support and help with issues which will affect their health, for example, household and daily issues. It will also help people feel they are not alone and have on-going support.
Tammy is passionate about mental health. Her knowledge of mental health comes from being a service-user for 27 years. She feels that this group is really important because people who are referred have no support until they get referred again which could take months.
The group now has a Facebook page where group members can support each other and post activities. This is a secure networking area which members can use as much as they want.
If you want to learn more about Turn a Leaf or to join please contact Tammy Raines via email: or phone 07832216128.