Storying Sheffield

Visual minutes from New Connections event

Festival of Wellbeing
On May 28th 2014, the ‘New Connections‘ networking event and symposium was held in Sheffield which explored the themes of arts/ health/ humanities/ wellbeing, with a focus on developing collaborations and partnerships, facilitating, generating, and supporting funding bids, and advancing a vision for arts & health in Sheffield. The event was a joint project of the Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network (SAWN) and Medical Humanities Sheffield (MHS).
Around 80 people attended the event. They included artists, clinicians, policy makers, patients and service-users, researchers, therapists, practitioners, & students.
The ‘Open Space‘ method was used to structure the day, and a series of themes emerged. These are now being taken forward to the next stage of development.
Various methods of documentation were used to record the event. One of these were visual minutes as shown here, and drawn by Joseph Houlders. For photos of the New Connections event see this link.

Map of Arts Spaces in Sheffield

Art Buses

Hidden Voices of Sheffield

Healthy/Unhealthy Brains

Prescribing the Arts

We Need a Big Beast

We Need to Become Multilingual

Brush of Asklepius