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What the Students Thought


Engaging with the Material Stories of Migration Project really gave me an insight in to the lives of migrants living in Sheffield. As a student, I myself have moved in to the city and, at times, felt like somewhat of an outsider. This project has made me realise how much more daunting such a move would be for someone coming from an entirely different culture, who understands a different language and is used to different customs. The stories of these migrants is something that is interesting and fascinating as they adapt to a new way of life. During the workshop these narratives transpired as movement, music, written word, art. Whilst each of these is an artistic form within itself, it surprised me just how easily they fed in to one another. For example the music by Mina evoked certain emotions that influenced Ayse’s movement and painting. The fluidity within the arts reflected the fluidity within a certain persons’ narrative as we are always changing and being shaped by the environment around us. Material Stories of Migration enabled me to consider the lives of people in Sheffield who are often marginalised and ignored, when in fact their narratives are likely to be some of the most interesting and fascinating.”

(Hannah, 2nd Year English)

Free style poetry, meeting lovely people from different cultures, and exploring new ways of communication and expression have been an intrinsic part of the Material Stories project for me.  On a personal level, I have been touched by the talent of the artists who have been involved in the project and by the fortitude and courage of the participants whom I have had the privilege to meet.   Projects like this should be more widespread, as they would enable communication and promote understanding,  in a world that is becoming increasingly characterised by hostility towards those who are perceived as different to oneself.”   

(Polly, 2nd Year English)

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