Storying Sheffield

Year in Industry


Before Lockdown                                           

21st Jan 2020

I’ve just spent the last few hours emailing back and fourth to my (hopeful) employer for next years industry placement, things seem hopeful and it looks like I’m getting the placement I want. Its been a hectic start to the year with all the world war 3 headlines being thrown about, but at least for me, things are looking up, I’ve just gotta get these exams out the way.

5th Feb 2020

There have been more and more talks about the virus from Wuhan, most people, myself included see it as a slightly harsher flu, but headlines have started popping up suggesting it might be something more, but with all the ‘fake news’ and clickbait headlines at the moment its hard to know what to think. At least it seems to be contained to china, lets hope it stays that way.

During Lockdown

21st March 2020

Well, turns out I was pretty wrong in my last post, the virus has gotten just about everywhere and we are going into lockdown, not that I think it’ll do anything given how stubborn people are. We don’t know how long this is going to go on for. It only seems to be effecting old people and people with underlying conditions, so at the very least I don’t feel like I am in immediate danger.

I have no clue what’s going on with summer exams, my little brother has been told his A-Levels could be cancelled?? I’m sure the Uni will sort something out, not sure about our labs though, I had my last lab on Friday last week and we were warned we might not have any for the rest of the year, how can I get a chemistry degree without doing labs??

My employer for next year hasn’t been in touch despite my emails, although I suppose they have more immediate things to deal with.

8th May 2020

I’m back at home with my mum since all my flatmates lest after lockdown started. Things feel pretty suffocating at the moment, I cant really leave home, my social life has flatlined, not seen friend from Uni or school in months now. Not even like I can relax, Ive got exams next week, albeit they are open book but the pressure is still on.

With all the news of recession and lockdown continuing for longer and longer everything is looking bleak for the future. I’ve been told that my year in industry is still going ahead as of now but could potentially be cancelled or postponed so that’s playing on my head too, the sleepless nights aren’t helping either.

2nd June 2020

Things are starting to look up, infections are starting to go down, so apparently we can open up the country again? Seems like it could be a bit premature, what’s the point in going through all that just to risk opening things early, well the economy I suppose.

At least my placement for next year is looking like its going ahead, Speaking of which I’m probably going to be busy for a while getting ready for September so might not post for a month or two.

Post Lockdown Placement

20th September 2020

I’ve started my placement recently and things are going smoothly, there are quite a few measures in place with social distancing to make everyone feel safe, our shifts are organised specifically to ensure social distancing during break hours, so I feel less able to socialise with my colleagues, although at this point I’ve gotten used to not socialising at all. Our meetings are on zoom calls so I’ve not even met my manager face to face yet unless a webcam counts. Also cleaning door handles and light switches constantly and getting your temperature checked all the time is starting to grind on me a bit, the work is busy enough, but I understand it is necessary.

16th October 2020

Looks like I was right about ending lockdown prematurely, the area Im working in is going into Tier 2 lockdown although I dont think it will change anything for me since I am pretty bound to my accommodation/workplace anyway.

Regardless of lockdown, the placement has been pretty eye opening, I have alot more responsibility than I realised before I came here, I feel like I’m treated as an colleague and not a student which is nice but Its stressful living up to the responsibilities that come with that. But I suppose that’s why employers like these placements so much, I do feel like this will help my employability a good deal.

Its been a bit harder getting uni work done since I have to do it all online and I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to get things done, I miss the library mostly, in my room I get distracted far to easily.

5th November 2020

As if things couldn’t get any more restrictive, just gone into another national lockdown and all the non essential shops are closed, now there really isn’t anything to do outside of my house. At the very least my society stuff has all gone online so I can still participate in that. My workplace remains pretty much unchanged except the rotas have gotten tightened and there is more temperature checks but I’ve gotten used to it now, although it is getting harder and harder to maintain social distancing in the workplace, especially when I need help on a computer, my manager has to stand outside of my ‘box’ thing which isnt ideal.

One thing that is particularly annoying, is some of the older staff seem to be particularly strict with me and other placement students, they seem to think that this new lockdown is thanks to students, even if that was true how does that apply to me, a student on a placement??