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Material Stories: ‘The Crucified’

The Crucified

You crucified me so many times!!!
You crucified me because my tongue wasn’t perfectly chewing your language
You crucified me when I called you comrade not sir
You crucified me for I’m still believing
only family is the most fertile ground for future
You crucified me when I don’t want to die.

Don’t you know?
I die in every moment when you speak directly with me
I die in every moment when my tongue splits your language
I die in each moment when I must step on my beliefs in the name of your tolerance
And almost all the time I am a death man in your freedom land.

You’re still crucifying me because I make you feel a gorges tree full of rottenness.
And I ……what am I?
A seed loose inside the rottenness who is crucifying her germinated stumps begging for Eden.

By Mihaela

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