Storying Sheffield

Stories of determination and friendship

Drink Wise, Age Well helps people make healthier choices about their drinking as they age. As well as providing information and support on alcohol and getting older, Drink Wise, Age Well delivers programmes such as the SMART Recovery groups in Sheffield, which takes place on a weekly basis in many different venues across the city.

Recently, Drink Wise, Age Well collaborated with Professor Brendan Stone (University of Sheffield) in a series of sessions exploring on narrative and storytelling. In this SMART Recovery group, people shared difficulties they are experiencing as they regain control of their alcohol intake and maintain progress. The group, all people who are making or have made the same journey, use their experience to help each other find solutions and move forward.

The stories linked below are the product of these sessions, previously published as part of a booklet containing stories of people who have attended SMART Recovery groups at Drink Wise, Age Well in Sheffield. They have found that spending time with others who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol has been encouraging and helpful. We hope that there are elements of their stories that you can identify with. Their journeys have all been different but with some things in common. They have experienced unhappiness, hope, progress and change.

Stories of determination and friendship:

Don’t Give Up Giving Up

An Overwhelming Desire to Reach Out

I’ve Come Back to Tell You That There’s Light

It Won’t Be Easy, But It Can Be Done

Hope Is

If you would like to find out more about SMART Recovery groups in Sheffield please phone:

Drink Wise, Age Well (until March 2020) – 0800 032 3723

Sheffield Alcohol Support Service – (0114) 258 7553

Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team – (0114) 305 0500

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