Storying Sheffield

Sonder in the Station

By ET. This poem is part of the ‘Of Other Spaces series. 

Arches castle windows in the state of dreams,
A stone facade of fairytale reunions,
Perched in a valley of green,

The crowd of commuters shuffle to the stairs,
Lugging a suitcase and their desires,
Opening their hearts to venturing,

Exploration beyond all they’ve known,
Or perhaps seeking a refuge in
a home away from home.

Sweet wonder
lightens the air of sighs and anticipation,
Makes me wonder –

And then quiet- peace before a
a rush of reconciliation
of happy eyes and smile lines,

Of clinging and hugging and
chatting and laughing and
tails wagging,

The bench a focus in the blur,
A solitary observation of folk and their tales,
For pondering on magic

in the ordinary.