Storying Sheffield

Connected Worlds: a free creative course starting Feb 2018

Connected Worlds is a free 11 week creative course in collaboration with Sheffield Flourish and Storying Sheffield (University of Sheffield). This creative course aims to connect people who have experienced different kinds of mental health difficulties, isolation, and displacement in a supportive and creative space. We use art-based activities such as storytelling, poetry, drawing, painting, and creative writing to express and transform our words and ‘worlds’. This project will also provide an opportunity for participants and students to work together during friendly joined workshops. The work produced during the course can be showcased in an exhibition and published online on Sheffield Flourish and Storying Sheffield websites.

Starting date: 1st February  2018

Time: 1-3pm

Venue: ISRAAC  Community  Centre, 54 Cemetery Road, Sheffield, S11 8FP

For more information and to book a place please contact Shirin Teifouri