Storying Sheffield

Funded opportunity to produce stories of health inequalities in Sheffield

In partnership with colleagues from Health Education England, Prof Brendan Stone is looking to produce a number of stories highlighting the voices of people in Sheffield who have worse health outcomes because of social determinants such as poverty, unemployment, debt, ethnic diversity etc.

These stories would be audio in form, perhaps illustrated with some contextual stills/video but not with the image of the contributor.

The aim is to grow empathy and understanding amongst primary care professionals enabling them to build better relationships with patients with complex social circumstances and to understand that health may not be a priority for many people due to other life circumstances.

A brief is below – if you are interested please contact Brendan ( or @StoryingShef). Please indicate an estimate of how much you’d charge; when you’d be able to complete the work by; and if you have examples of work you’ve produced on other projects.

Brief as follows

You’ll need to:

– produce 5-10 audio stories, each around 4 minutes long. They’ll need to be in an appropriate digital format, and will be hosted on a health website. They may also be used at public events and in medical education.

– identify participants who are willing to be involved. (Brendan will help make connections with organisations and people who may be able to put forward potential contributors.)

– identify questions which give an insight into health inequalities (i.e life experience, life priorities, social determinants of health and interaction with health service, health outcomes). Brendan will help with this.

– undertake appropriate consent procedures

– Ask the same questions to all participants so a sense of coherence threads through the different stories.

– interview contributors and then edit recordings

– arrange for each contributor to check the edit so that they’re happy with it